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Efficient hybrid drives through vehicle communication

Hy-Nets is investigating a new approach to increase the efficiency of networked hybrid vehicles. The core approach is to bundle three different subject areas and consider them systemically:

  • Optimization of the hybrid drive
  • Development of partially/autonomous driving functions as well as predictive energy management
  • Communicating, cooperative vehicles in future traffic scenarios

For this purpose, a hybrid drive will be set up as a prototype and installed in one of the most modern test facilities in Europe. This setup will be extended with a microscopic environmental simulation of the own vehicle and a macroscopic traffic flow simulation. This makes it possible to move the hybrid drive virtually in an urban scenario and to investigate partially/autonomous driving functions, predictive energy management and vehicle communication.


Efficient hybrid drives through vehicle communication

Acronym Hy-Nets

European Union - European Regional Development Fund, ERDF -

Period 04/2016 - 01/2019