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The IMPERIUM project is to achieve fuel consumption reduction up to 20 percent (diesel and urea) whilst keeping the vehicle within the legal limits for pollutant emissions.

IMPERIUM‘s main innovations and targeted key results are:

1st: Development of a methodology and simulation environment for assessing the performance of HD trucks in real-driving conditions

2nd: Development of Dynamic eHorizon system for Heavy Duty trucks

3rd: Three advanced fuel efficient Heavy Duty Demonstrators. The four pillars of forward-looking drive management, engine control, waste heat utilisation and hybridisation will be the focal points.

The IMPERIUM Consortium consists of major European players representing 45 percent of the vehicles produced in the EU. The consortium can also represent a 100 percent European value chain for the development of novel powertrain control strategies for trucks.

Title IMplementationof Powertrain control for Economic, low Real driving emIssions and fuel ConsUMption
Funding European Commission, Horizon 2020
Term 09/2016-08/2019