Transmission Test Benches

  Transmission test bench Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | TME  

The CMP transmission test bench is one of the latest and most variable test benches. By using a modular platform we are able to investigate several engine - transmission combinations.

  Small picture of a transmission Copyright: © CMP | RWTH-Aachen

Furthermore there are different input and output e-machines to model dynamic cycles and test automatic and manual gear changes. It is also possible to simulate variable thermal conditions for a realistic vehicle environment.

  • 251 kW permanent magnetic synchronous motor
  • Max. torque: 600 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • Max. speed: 9000 rpm (up to 18000 rpm via belt drive)
  • Electric machine is able to simulate cyclic irregularity of combustion engine (0.078 kg m² inertia)
Output 2x
  • 286 kW asynchronous motor
  • Max. torque: 3400 Nm @ 1515 rpm
  • Max. speed: 4080 rpm