Engine Test Benches

  Picture of an engine test bench Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | TME

Engine test benches account for the largest share of the modern test centre Center for Mobile Propulsion. A total of twelve test benches are installed for the research of passenger car, commercial vehicle and range extender engines measuring up to 6 m x 9 m. The test benches are equipped with a hydraulic system for the testing of the engine and the engine temperature. Eight of these test benches are designed for an output of up to 300 kW, four for up to 600 kW. With all test benches it is possible to assemble the engines including exhaust system in a longitudinal or transverse installation as required. The test environment can thus cover a broad performance spectrum and take into account the subsequent installation of the engines. Due to the generous spatial design of the test bench, the measurement technology required for the research projects can be arranged close to the test vehicle.

Center for Mobile Propulsion

In order to guarantee a reproducible test environment, the following parameters can be specified and measured:

  • - Conditioning for reproducible thermodynamic test environments:
    • Intake air: ≤ 3000 kg/h; 20 - 120 °C; 7.5 - 12 g H2O/kg air
    • Charge air: ≤ 3000 kg/h; 20 - 130 °C; ≤ 8.0 bar (rel)
    • Coolant: ≤ 30 m3/h; 20 - 130 °C; ≤ 6.0 bar; ≤ 600 kW Cooling capacity
    • Oil: ≤ 90 l/min; 20 - 150 °C; ≤ 8.0 bar
    • Fuel: 12 l/min at 6 bar; 20 - 45 °C; ≤ 8.0 bar
    • Operation also possible with hydrogen and CNG
  • Exhaust gas analysis including smoke and particle emissions, concerning number and turbidity
  • Static pressure and temperature measurement of all relevant quantities
  • Indexing system FEVIS

For fast assembly and commissioning, the motors are mounted on standardized assembly frames in the Chair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems own assembly workshop. The initial commissioning of the research object takes place in a separate acceptance test bench. This makes it possible to set up and exchange the test specimens at the Center for Mobile Propulsion efficiently and to react quickly to changing research conditions.


Galery Engine Test Benches