Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

ESCALATE - "Powering European Union Net Zero Future by Escalating Zero Emission HDVs and Logistic Intelligence"

CoacHyfied – "Coaches with hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for regional and long-distance passenger transport with energy optimized powertrains and cost optimized design"

BiFoilStack - "Development of stack designs for LT-PEM fuel cells with novel compound bipolar foils"

GINI - "Robot for flexible automatic charging of electric vehicles"

HylnooPEM - "Mobile drives with advanced fuel cell systems - condition monitoring and robust control taking degradation into account"

HylnnoICE - " Development of a vehicle with highly innovative hydrogen combustion engine"

HylnnoSys - " Innovation-supporting measures for market preparation, networking and technology and knowledge transfer"

HylnnoSOFC - " High-temperature fuel cells with flexible fuel utilization for self-sufficient energy supply"

Formation of Particles with UWS Injection - "Particle Formation caused by Injection of Urea Water Solution (UWS) in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems"

Completed Projects

Hy-Nets4all – "Holistic development and validation platform to optimize electrified driving in urban areas"

Reforce HIL – "Realtime for Fuel Cell Hardware-in-the-Loop"

mobilEM – "Integrated Energy Supply Modules for Roadbound E-Mobility"

ReAliSTicFCAging – "Experimental investigation of the degradation of PEM fuel cell stacks in a real-time virtual test environment on the test bench"

EIS4FCWM – "Investigation of the water balance of a PEM fuel cell using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)"

MethCar – "Joint project: MethCar - Methane engines for passenger cars
Subproject: Injector robustness and exhaust gas catalysis as a function of fuel composition"

HIFI ELEMENTS – "High Fidelity Electric Modelling and Testing“

ALIGNCCUS – "Research plant for producing soot-free diesel replacements"

X-EMU – “Development and Validation of a High-Performance Fuel Cell Propulsion System for Hybrid EMU railcars in a Modular Traction Design System"

DUETT – “Diesel Hybrid Vehicles for Environmentally Conscious Mobility: Networked System Development in Physical and Virtual Environments"

IMPERIUM – “IMplementationof Powertrain control for Economic, low Real driving emIssions and fuel ConsUMption"

Hy-Nets – “Efficient hybrid powertrains by vehicle communication“