On the left the logo of the future cluster hydrogen and on the right the pictogram of an internal combustion engine. Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | CMP

In addition to the targeted development of technology, technological change always requires parallel activities in the areas of business, society and (economic) institutions that create the framework conditions for change and prepare the market. The measures accompanying innovation should help to fully develop the effect of the Future Cluster by creating framework conditions through which research is converted into added value. This is to be done using modern innovation management instruments such as participatory involvement of citizens and other stakeholders. Possibilities for action for politics, social actors and companies are to be derived. It is the declared goal to enable the transfer of knowledge into and out of the region as well as across cluster borders into other funded projects and to enable the transfer of technology into industry and between sectors.

Within the HyInnoSys project, the hydrogen economy is examined from various perspectives. These include the ecological, economic, societal, political and technological perspectives. TME organizes the Aachen Hydrogen Colloquium as part of the project. Scientific results from all areas of the hydrogen economy are presented there and new research questions are discussed. In this way, it contributes directly to the networking of the players.


Innovation-supporting measures for market preparation, networking and technology and knowledge transfer

Acronym HyInnoSys

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Term 10/2021 – 09/2024