On the left the logo of the future cluster hydrogen and on the right the pictogram of an internal combustion engine. Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | CMP

In order to achieve the CO2 targets in the EU and in Germany, the share of renewable energy sources in the transport sector will increase. Regeneratively produced hydrogen (H2) offers great potential to enable CO2-neutral solutions for mobile applications in road transport as well as for off-highway applications. In addition to its use in fuel cells, H2 can also be used for engines and thus support further market introduction as an energy carrier for mobility on the demand side. The aim of the HyInnoICE project is therefore to demonstrate the feasibility of a highly innovative H2 combustion engine on the basis of a vehicle demonstrator with a performance comparable to that of today's series-produced vehicles, while at the same time achieving the lowest possible NOx emissions. For this purpose, different technology components, whose degree of maturity has only improved significantly in recent years, are being combined for the first time and supplemented by novel control concepts. Accordingly, a holistic approach consisting of experiments at various levels and simulations is being pursued. Parallel to the development of the powertrain, one work package is dedicated to the efficient storage of hydrogen in novel tank systems.

Consisting of an OEM, a supplier, a development service provider and four scientific partners, the consortium covers the entire research range up to the consideration of all series aspects and ensures a holistic view of the novel powertrain. Within the framework of this project, RWTH is responsible for the fundamental investigations of the novel combustion process and optimizes the efficiency and emissions. In addition, new, dedicated functionalities and control concepts for the innovative H2 combustion engine are being developed and implemented on a prototype control unit, calibration on the test bench is being developed and vehicle tests are being accompanied.


Development of a vehicle with highly innovative hydrogen combustion engine

Acronym HyInnoICE

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Term 10/2021 – 09/2024