In Hy-Nets4all, a development and validation environment is being set up that will make it possible to develop automated driving functions for electrified vehicles holistically and securing them efficiently with the aim to:

  • to reduce the energy demand and emissions of electrified vehicles in urban areas,
  • to further develop electrical components in a targeted manner,
  • to outlay driving concepts adapted to available and future charging infrastructure,
  • to optimize cooperative driving scenarios and
  • to liquefy traffic flows

The holistic Hy-Nets4all approach is characterized by the fact that a heterogeneous combination of simulation models and real components interacts and can be used for the further development and validation of automated driving functions. On the simulation side, a detailed vehicle simulation is coupled with a traffic flow simulation, which can also represent V2X communication. The simulations can be performed offline as well as in real time. As a simulation scenario, Paderborn is to be used as an example for a typical medium-sized city in the form of a fully parameterized reference city. In addition to the V2X communication, the existing charging infrastructure or one to be built in the future will also be considered in the simulation. In order to investigate the interactions of different vehicles and vehicle types in one environment, several ego vehicles are to be simulated in a common environment. By integrating the real components combustion engine, electric motor and power electronics on the test bench, real emission values and energy consumption can be measured. The interaction with the traffic flow and the effect of cooperative driving functions can be presented in a real “in-the-loop approach“. Electrical components can be developed and optimized to conserve resources. Automated driving functions can be efficiently secured. With the help of a SaaS interface, end users such as SMEs, automobile manufacturers and suppliers will be able to access the validation platform. Work across locations and manufacturers is made possible. New business models such as “Pay as you use“ can be created. Overall, the tool chain to be developed can massively shorten the development and test times of autonomous driving functions.

Through the objectives and applications mentioned above, HyNets4all contributes to sustainable and efficient mobility, offers tailor-made solutions for future mobility needs and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. The project contributes to low-cost, resource-efficient mobility.

Title Holistic development and validation platform to optimize electrified driving in urban areas
Acronym Hy-Nets4all
Funding European Union (European Regional Development Fund, ERDF)
Term 08/2019 - 06/2023