Thirty-one companies, research institutes and universities from five countries are working on the joint project ALIGN-CCUS to separate, use and store carbon dioxide. Because of Europes unique CO2 research infrastructure, RWE Power’s Coal Innovation Centre in Niederaussem will explore techniques for producing fuels and high-quality basic substances for the chemical industry from carbon dioxide in the next three and a half years.

The concept behind the ALIGN-CCUS project is important and more topical than ever, focussing on using carbon dioxide, water and electricity to obtain a diesel replacement fuel with minimised soot combustion and low nitrous oxide production.

The hydrogen obtained reacts with the CO2 provided in a synthesiser to create dimethyl ether, in short DME. The intention is for renewable sources to increasingly supply the required electricity, which will be stored chemically as fuel by this method.

The engines themselves would not have to be converted and catalyst systems and additives would be reduced. DME has to be pressurised in order to be stored. Therefore, the injector systems and tanks would have to be modified.

Title Research plant for producing soot-free diesel replacements


Funding European Commission, ERA-Net Cofund ACT
Term 2017 - 10/2020