The X-EMU project faces the challenge of efficient and environmentally friendly railroad traffic on non-electrified sections. On various railroad sections the installation of catenaries is neither economical nor ecological resulting in Diesel systems as current state of the art for transportation and especially commuter trains. An electrical multiple unit could electrify these sections and replace several Diesel systems.

The X-EMU will form a special unit operated with a hybrid system of a battery electric powertrain and a fuel cell system. The system setup and particularly the operation strategy will be researched and optimized at RWTH Aachen University‘s Center for Mobile Propulsion by TME, IEM and ISEA researchers.

Title Development and Validation of a High-Performance Fuel Cell Propulsion System for Hybrid EMU railcars in a Modular Traction Design System
Acronym X-EMU
Funding Federal Ministry for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure

10/2017 - 03/2020